carrie lee kinslow

Artist, Carrie Lee Wendt

I am Carrie Lee, I am an artist, arts instructor, project coordinator, youth leader and advocate! My dream is to leave a legacy to our children. I also have a vision that sees our local community having a global impact.

I have lived and worked in the Fargo/Moorhead community for over 20 years. I am a fine artist, blogger, and general geek. During this time I have also been the art instructor and volunteer Arts Marketing Director for the InspireLAB (An educational nonprofit whose primary focus is youth outreach and S.T.E.A.M.). I sometimes moonlight as a freelance graphic designer while also subbing as a Para within the Moorhead Public Schools (I wear many hats).

I am currently a single mom with three amazing kids while attending MSUM as a full time college student seeking a degree in Art Education.

Born in 1976, in Redlands, California, I grew up in California, Arizona and Texas. My family moved often, and I ended up attending eleven different schools (character building!). As an adult I finally settled in Moorhead, Minnesota (Midwest is best as they say!)

When given the opportunity to embark on this community project I was honored. Community is very important to me. I love that we are a vibrant, forward thinking people that also honor the past. My piece honors the past also. It is made of scraps and recycled barn wood that dates back to 1927 (from right here in Moorhead). My hope is that people will lovingly leave notes for each other or inscriptions on or in-between the layers of wood. The piece will weather and change over time, just like us. My hope is that it may provide someone with inspiration and that the project as a whole will bring us all closer to our home and our community.