stella mehlhoff

stella1I am Stella Mehlhoff, a seventh grader at Horizon Middle School in Moorhead. Growing up I have been surrounded by artists and art, including my mom, Lana Suomala, creator of both bizarre and beautiful pieces. This has made art a big part of my life and led me to pursue it. But though I love looking at visual art I have never loved creating it. Because of this I have veered towards other areas of the arts, like creative writing and the performing arts. Lucky for me, Moorhead has some of the best theatre programs and I have gotten to participate in many of them.

Currently I am participating in Fiddler on the Roof at Horizon. I also recently started taking dance again after many years at Gasper’s School of Dance, I have really been enjoying my experience there. As far as writing I enjoy all sorts of genres and enjoy reading them too. I do prefer fiction over nonfiction because it allows me to be more creative and express my feelings. Poetry, to me, offers a nice balance between the two. I am very glad to get to contribute to Stick Garden in this way, because although Moorhead is great, it does lack public art.