lynn fundingsland

lynnIn a previous life I was an art student and was privileged to spend two years with Mel Schuler – who is (was – is now deceased) a world class sculptor working mainly with reclaimed redwood and some local to northern California stone (jadeite). My work is nothing like his but he did help to instill in me a love of these materials and process. Life took me in other directions than professional artist but I have continued to enjoy and produce  wood and stone work at the rate of a few pieces per year. The totem looking posts evolved from me scrounging two 6×6″ redwood posts from a neighbor – they were posts from an antique clothesline. That led to picking up similar dimensioned material from the boulevard during pick-up week, recycled cedar fence posts etc. A particular style evolved which is partly informed by power tools and, too, my love of playful colors against the natural garden backgrounds that the posts are scaled and suited to.