mara morken

Artist, Mara Morken Fogarty
Artist and Creator of Sticksgarden, Mara Morken 

Mara Morken is the creator of SticksGarden! She is a community artist and creative place maker most excited by art which engages the everyday passerby. Whether to make her community consider a social subject or simply to lend a smile, Mara’s work has human experience at its core. Mara believes public art can positively impact communities and create places people want to live, work and raise their families.

Mara’s stick is intended as commentary on our relationship with a central feature and force in this region– water. She was inspired by our ongoing attempts to control and withstand this element of nature.  The simultaneous dependance on water by our families (and our farmland) paired with the ever-growing scarcity of clean water in our region (and our world) was forefront in her mind while working on this piece.