mackenzie kouba

mackenzie kuba
Artist, Mackenzie Kouba

I am a native of Fargo-Moorhead and a product of public education from both sides of the Red river. My art education began at Moorhead High School, continued at NDSU and continues still, just without a curriculum and many more teachers. Growing up with a learnings/communication deficit, art became a tool; sometimes to communicate, sometimes to inspire communication. I try to make art that has a point.

“Mourning Glory”
The Minnesota Loon is a complex bird; a feathered representative of a state full of lakes and rightfully so, the loon cannot take flight without the lake. The loon and water are deeply connected and mutually respected. Loons are considered in some Native American cultures to be the protectors of the dead, that the loons call is a communication from or in mourning of the dead. By anyone’s standards, they are a representation worth following with a message worth listening too. If we aren’t diligent about protecting our lakes and wetland, the Loon will become our canary.