jeff knight

Artist, Jeff Knight
Jeff Knight is an Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at Concordia College. His background is in Graphic Design, Illustration, Art, Craft, Communication, Marketing and Advertising. He has an MFA in graphic design from Savannah College of Art and Design. Besides working as a full-time instructor, Jeff is also available as a freelance designer and is involved in many projects throughout the local region (too many to list here).
He is originally from Moorhead, MN, but currently lives in Fargo, ND. Among other artistic talents, Jeff has a less-than-secret hobby of woodworking and woodcarving and has an ongoing fixation with vending machines.

Jeff’s stick is a piece that reflects on the weight of love in a relationship. Love locks are not a new idea, but I am providing a place for the public to proudly display their affections by placing a lock on the rungs embedded in the post. While the locks become a symbol of strength and unity, they also bear incredible weight on the supporting post. This year, in Paris, locks were removed from the Pont des Arts bridge because the weight was too much for the bridge to take on. There is something both romantic and tragic about this which I wanted to replicate here.